Hamid Rahimi defends WBU title by defeating Russian boxer


Hamid Rahimi defeats Russian boxerAfghan boxing legend Hamid Rahimi once again defended his WBU Intercontinental middleweight belt after defeating Russian boxer in Hamburg Germany on Saturday night.

Rahimi stepped into the ring to defend his title and defeated his rival in the sixth round of the championship.

He defeated Tanzanian boxer Said Mbelwa during the first proffesional boxing match in Afghanistan in 30 October last year, to defend the World Boxing Organisation Intercontinental middleweight belt.

Hamid Rahimi was born on 12th September 1983 in Afghanistan (Kabul). In 1992, he fled the civil war and came to Germany (Hamburg) with his parents and three siblings. A crucial experience from his childhood marked the beginning of his boxing career.

On 10.11.2006 Hamid Rahimi entered the ring for the first time under the name of “The Dragon” – his successful professional debut. Hamid Rahimi’s sporting career shows a shining track record as an unbeaten professional boxer.

Rahimi has won 20 of his 21 fights. He has been followed by hundreds of fans to each interview and public appearance he has made in the week leading up to this match.

Based on World Boxing Union rules and regulations, Hamid Rahimi stepped in to the ring with the Russian boxer to defend his title within a six month period of winning the title or the WBU.



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