In a speech at the prestigious Oxford Union, Hamdullah Mohib, the former government’s National Security Adviser, blamed the media for the fall on the government.

However, dozens of Afghans protested in front of the Oxford Union, blaming him for the fall of the previous government.

The Oxford Union invited Hamdullah Mohib to speak about the causes of the collapse on Wednesday, May 11.

He highlighted the media as one of the causes of the regime’s downfall in part of his speech, claiming that media misinformation had damaged the Afghan army’s morale in its battle against the Taliban.

He mentioned ToloNews particularly adding, “When TOLOnews is publishing report after report after report that says the Afghan army is not capable and the Taliban are advancing, there is weaknesses in the Afghan army. No weakness in the Taliban. The Taliban are changed, interviewing them, leaving… Do you think the Afghan army looked and said this is good for me? Absolutely not.” 

In the words of Jawid Sangdel, an international relations expert, “One of the main reasons for the collapse of Afghanistan and the collapse of Afghan values was [Mohib] being weak. He was unable to maintain some new value for Afghanistan and maintain a relationship with the world,”.

Thousands of students and university faculty members had previously signed an online petition to the Oxford Union, requesting that Mohib’s speech be cancelled.

Meanwhile, a video of an Afghan living in the United Kingdom criticizing and insulting Hamdullah Mohib has been making the rounds on social media.