Thursday, December 8, 2022

Hailstorm damage 50 NATO helicopters in southern Afghanistan

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50 NATO helicopters damaged in KandaharAccording to reports, several NATO-led coalition security forces helicopters were damaged following heavy hailstorm in this province.

NATO officials have also confirmed the reports and said a number of the helicopters were damaged during heavy hailstorm on 23rd April in southern Afghanistan.

A coalition spokesperson confirming the report said the helicopters have been damaged in Kandahar airfield and coalition forces are working to repair the aircrafts.

The source did not disclose further information regarding the exact number of aircrafts damaged following the hailstorm however some media reports suggest around 50 helicopters were damaged.

The helicopters have reportedly suffered more damages and have been grounded which have delayed the tranportation of equipments and service members.

A service member in Kandahar Airfield speaking on the condition of anonymity said around 50 helicopters have suffered siginifcant damages.

Use of helicopters is considered to be one of the most vital transportation means both for the Afghan and coalition security forces besides providing air support to fight insurgency across the country.

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