According to Pakistani police officials, a British aid worker has been kidnapped in south-west Pakistan.
Local Police officials in Quetta said, the British employee of the International Committee of the Red Cross has been kidnapped by gunmen in south west Pakistan.

The officials further added, Khalil Ahmad Dell who was working for the International Committee of the Red Cross was taken by gunmen as he was stood outside his office in Quetta.

Nazir Kurd, a senior police official in Quetta quoted by AFP said, Khalil Ahmad Dale was standing in front of his office when unknown gunmen riding a Landcruiser picked him and took him away.”

Mr. Nazir further added, We are checking all routes out of the districts, but we have not been able to trace that vehicle. We are trying to ensure that the vehicle does not leave Quetta.

In the meantime, CRC officials also confirmed that one of their employees, a foreign national, was kidnapped in Quetta however the officials did not disclose further information regarding the identity of the kidnapped individual.

Quetta, close to the border with Afghanistan and to Pakistan’s troubled tribal areas, has been beset with problems of militancy.

There is known to be a Taliban presence there, but there has also been violence connected to the separatist movement in Baluchistan.