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Gulmina and snow leopard’s friendship tale amazes the world.

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Photo: Social media

In a far-off place called Madan Tehsil in Shamshal, Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, a heartwarming story has caught the attention of people all over the world on social media. A photo shows a girl named Gulmina sitting calmly with a big snow leopard. This photo has become very popular in the last 15 hours. People are talking a lot about whether it’s a real photo. Some tweets say Gulmina raised the snow leopard from when it was very small, thinking it was just a lost kitten.

As the leopard grew, it became too big to live in a house, so now it lives in the mountains nearby. But it still comes back to visit Gulmina often, showing they have a special friendship. This leopard likes being in photos and looks very relaxed around Gulmina, making such amazing pictures possible.

Many people are wondering if the photo is real or is an AI generated graphic. Yet, many believe it’s true and love the story behind it. This story shows us the strong connection people can have with wild animals and how such unusual friendships can happen.

Gulmina and her snow leopard’s story teaches us about living together with nature, showing the surprising and beautiful ways humans and animals can interact. This story has left a strong impression on everyone who has seen it on social media.

This comes as, the snow leopard, a symbol of the wild beauty of the Pamir Mountains, roams across the high-altitude landscapes of northern Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and Tajikistan. This area, often referred to as the “Roof of the World,” provides a perfect backdrop for the existence of these majestic creatures.

Snow leopards are known for their elusive nature and are revered in local cultures. Despite facing threats from habitat loss and poaching, efforts to protect these magnificent animals continue, highlighting the importance of harmony between humans and the natural world. Gulmina’s unique bond with her snow leopard brings to light the mysterious allure of these creatures and the critical need to preserve their habitats for generations to come.

Fiction or reality?
After checking the facts, it turns out the story of Gulmina and the snow leopard, along with the picture, was made up by an Instagram user called Babrakk using computer art. Even though it’s not a real story, the picture is still popular on social media and shows how a nice made-up story can catch everyone’s attention.

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