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Gulbudddin Hekmatyar refuse to apologize over war crime allegations

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gulbuddin-hekmatyarThe leader of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has refused to apologize over war crime allegations as efforts are underway to remove his name from UNSC sanctions committee following the conclusion of a peace deal with the Afghan government.

In an audio message to AFP, Hekmatyar said “Those who have committed crimes or have been charged by a reputable court should apologise. Not those upon whom war is imposed, who have resisted the invaders, defended themselves and defended the country.”

Hekmatyar is accused of serious human rights violations during the devastating civil war in Afghanistan in 1990s.

His party joined the peace process following months of negotiations with the Afghan high peace council as the Afghan officials are optimistic that the reconciliation with Hezb-e-Islami will open doors for the other militant groups to join peace process and end the ongoing violence through reconciliation.

A member of the party said late in September that Hezb-e-Islami has apologized to the victims of the devastating war the party was involved in 1990s.

A senior member of the party Qarib-ur-Rehman Syed told VOA’s Afghanistan service that “Hezb-e-Islami considers itself a member and party of the people. Hezb-e-Islami belongs to the people and people belongs to Hezb-e-Islami. In every and every second, we apologize from those who were hurt.”

Syed further added “We have in the past tendered apologies to the people since this is our home, village and people.”

He said a special tribunal should be established to try those who have been involved in war crimes, including any member of Hezb-e-Islami.

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  1. why should he apologize? he has fighted for freedom of afghanistan. we should not be thankless. we call our self afghans is only because of him… if he didnt fought against russia than most of afghans would have been descendant of russian..

    thank you Hikmatyaar saib for serve to afghanistan and afghan nation.. we are proud of you allah de zhwanday au kamyaba lara 1000 kalan she mili Qahramana.. afsos che mung da khpalo mashrano qandr na kawo

  2. Show one proof that Hekmatyar himself fought against Soviets like other mujahidin in frontlines? never mind one day trips to the border of FATA and air conditioned land cruisers or his trips to Lowgar Province just to talk from distance. True Afghan mujahidin are Afghan people who fought against Soviets Hekmatyar.

  3. If it was not for Ahmad Shah Masood and Ustad Sayyaf who fought Pakistani occupation from 1996 -2001 today we be calling ourselves Daal Eaters and calling outside the country with Pakistan Country Code number 0092.

  4. Hekmatyar never fought Pakistan Military Occupation of Afghanistan from 1996-2001. It was Ahmad Shah Masood and Ustad Sayyaf who fought Pakistani occupation otherwise today we be calling each ” Daal Eater” and be still using Pakistani (country code 0092) to make long distance phone calls. Why his son can still ride black Land Cruiser with black windows and armed bodyguards while other Afghan refugees living the life of poverty? who did the jihad against Soviet in 1980s and who profited from the jihad?

  5. He is killer, he killed some many innocent, Afghans I am wonder that how he call himself a freedom fighter, he is ISI slave he never fight against Taliban, and Al-Qaida and he never said anything against Pakistan.

  6. Basic reason of such low moral comments is lack of education in Afghanistan, Afghans must invest some money in their education instead of on drugs growing. 

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