The Kabul Police Commandment has started the installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) in Kabul Police vehicles in a bid to control, counter corruption and misuse of Afghan National Police (ANP) vehicles.

Senior Deputy Interior Minister for Security Gen. Abdul Saboor Qaneh visited the center where the officials are tracking the ANP vehicles with the help of GPS system in Kabul.

Gen. Qaneh further added that the activation of GPS system will also help in further improving the effectiveness of police patrols and ensure the effective presence of police forces in the city.

The system would also help in jamming and stopping the engine of the police vehicles which would veer off from its main travel route, the Kabul Police Headquarters said.

Meanwhile, Gen. Qaneh said the Kabul Police Vehicle Tracking Center would play a key role in maintaining fuel efficiency and fighting corruption, calling it as one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Interior.

The Kabul Police Headquarters said it has installed the system in almost 35 per cent of police vehicles and the process would be completed in the near future.


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