National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib, in a press conference on Saturday said, that has no intention of honoring the peace, they want the Republic system to collapse so that they could take full control of the system.

“Taliban’s intention is clear. Taliban do not want peace; their bosses won’t allow them to make peace. It is a fact that they want permanent instability in Afghanistan,” Mohib was qouted by Tolonews.

According to Mohib , Taliban have totally abandoned the peace talks in Doha, Qatar.

Neither foreign countries recognizes them nor they are prepared to reduce level of the violence, NSA said.

“Taliban are an aggressive force and controlled by others. They want to destroy Afghanistan, they just want complete power and nothing else,” added Mohib.

He said Taliban have suffered heavy casualties in the current winter season.

“The Taliban want power and are ready to destroy Afghanistan to gain it,” adding that “If the Taliban do not want peace, we must defend our people. President Ghani is committed to peace; But the Taliban are the main obstacle to the peace process.”

He said, “Anyone who is thinking of collapsing the system will not get what he/she wants. We will not allow them to collapse the system and carry out their nefarious goals here.”

Mohib said, that no country in the region supports an Emirati government system.

Meanwhile, deputy defense and interior ministers, said that Afghan forces would defend Afghanistan and won’t allow anyone to take control of it.

“Taliban leadership is in Doha, and are not aware of the war situation in Afghanistan. They are killing Afghans illegitimately,” said Massoud Andarabi, the interior minister.

“As you see the NSA visited many corps and we brought reforms in our institutions, it means we want peace. If the Taliban want war we are ready,” said Shah Mahmood Miakhel, deputy defense minister.

“The Taliban have just started fighting in Kandahar, But they have no soldiers and have asked for people from other provinces. The defense and security forces have inflicted heavy casualties on them,” MoI Minister Andarabi said.

Andarabi added, if the Taliban has no commitment to peace, ANDSF forces are fully prepared for the battle.


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