Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Afghanistan has banned the import of cellphones that lacks registration and IMEI code an international mobile equipment identity,

ATRA indicated to the media, that some phones with FAKE IMEI entered the country due to improper monitoring of imports and shipments.

This move is expected to prevent misuse of smartphones as it will further enable phone carriers and manufacturers to share IMEI numbers to enable tracking of smartphones that were stolen.

Afghanistan will allow the import of smartphones that are only approved by ATRA and inclusion of the IMEI certification is obligatory, officials in ATRA told media.

Every genuine cellphone includes the same IMEI number on the box and in the cellphone.

The authorities plan to register smartphones by the name of customers just like SIM cards, this move is expected to prevent cellphones from theft and the lost devices can easily be traced and found.

The plan will also have a positive impact on “improved security” in Afghanistan.

This comes as a massive fire close to the Afghan-Iran border in the town of Islam Qala has inflicted more than hundreds of millions of dollars in financial losses to the investors who had their goods parked at and close to the area where the fire broke.


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