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Fleeing the country: Kundoz governor changed at least four destinations

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Political analyzers believe Kundoz fall to Taliban based on a deal but the acting Defense Minister said that negligence in duties might have taken place.

Regardless, Parliament wants key officials of this province be dragged to judiciary but the governor has been fleeing. According to the latest reports, Mohammad Omar Safi has changed at least four destinations.

A government source told Pajhwok news agency that Safi who was in Tajikistan has left to London.

The news agency is citing an Afghan diplomat in Tajikistan as writing on his facebook page that the governor first moved to Uzbekistan from Tajikistan, then he went to Turkey from where he planned to go to UK.

A Member of Parliament while confirming that Safi has fled to UK, urged the President to appoint people whose family is living in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Omar Safi was appointed as the governor of Kundoz province in December 2014, about three months after the National Unity Government was formed.

After arriving in Kundoz, Safi promised clearing the province from militants and other illegal armed groups but he left it when there is a serious need for him.

Some political analyzers believe the province fall to Taliban based on a deal. If this is true, who should be held responsible for? But lawmakers want local officials of Kundoz province be dragged to judiciary.

Some lawmakers in the Upper House of the Parliament – Meshrano Jirga even called for death sentence for key officials of this province.

Taliban launched coordinated attack on Kundoz city from 3-4 sides late on Sunday night or in the wee hours of Monday and by evening they took control of several parts of the city.

Security forces backed by US air support have launched a large-scale operation to retake the city from Taliban.

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  1. The former governor of Kunduz, Mohammad Omar Safi is accountable for his lack of competence and the treason leaving his post when a leader is needed!
    Not only this coward, but also the responsible people at the Kabul government are also accountable, who assigned this post to this incompetent and coward individual.
    Was this another deal for assigning posts in Afghanistan based on ethnic background or personal connections without consideration of the qualification and proven work experience? 
    The other key question is why during a war the country does not have a defense minister?
    Due to the power struggle within the Kabul government between Ghani and Abdullah the post of ministry of defense still unoccupied. 
    Mr. Ghani and Mr. Abdullah should answer the question why the most important post in Afghanistan is still open, when there a war is going on with a brutal and well  organized enemy? 
    If you cannot agree due to your personal, tactical and ethnic considerations for assigning this post, why you are not moving your rear-end from your comfortable offices in Kabul and going to the front to lead the Afghan army who is bravely fighting. 
    Everybody knows that due to the lack of leadership there is not a good organization, cooperation and coordination between different branches of government who are responsible for defending the country.
    There is nothing more important right now, please get out of your office and your fortresses in Kabul and go to the front and defend the country!
    You were not elected by Afghan to sit in your office and talk an protect your personal interests, but to work!
    If you are chicken to fight against the Afghan enemies, please give up the responsibility now to others who are able and willing to do the job. 


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