The Chief Executive of the Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah says the government will not turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the ISIS militants as he ordered the security institutions to thoroughly investigate the cases of the surrendered militants.

Abdullah made the remarks during a meeting of the Council of Ministers in Kabul today.

He said the government will deal with the surrendered ISIS militants as prisoners of war and their cases would be thoroughly investigated.

According to Abdullah, the ISIS militants have not joined process in northern Jawzjan province but have surrendered to the Afghan forces due to the pressures of the armed forces and the Taliban insurgents.

Abdullah emphasized that the security institutions must pay a close attention in this regard and the cases of the surrendered militants should be reviewed and investigated properly.

This comes as hundreds of ISIS militants surrendered to the Afghan forces in northern Jawzjan province last week.

The local officials are saying that nearly 250 militants have surrendered to the Afghan forces after their main compound was overrun by the Taliban militants.