Friday, June 2, 2023

Google Maps Live Traffic Data Temporarily Disabled in Ukraine to protect the citizens

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Mehr Ali Altaf
Mehr Ali Altaf
Mehr Ali is a young bilingual journalist from Afghanistan working for the English language version of Khaama Press online. His main responsibility include researching and writing news reports for the sports, tech and entertainment sections.

Google Maps over the weekend temporarily disabled tools offering live information about traffic conditions and how busy stores and restaurants are in Ukraine. The move comes after Russian forces invaded the eastern European country last Thursday. 

The decision was apparently made to protect Ukrainians after consultation with the nation’s regional authorities, as previously reported by Reuters and Vice.

The feature uses location data gathered anonymously from Android devices.

It removes the features from global access – if you hover above Ukraine with the traffic layer activated, you’ll see it shows traffic conditions in surrounding countries and cuts off in Ukraine.

Google says live traffic information will still be available to drivers using turn-by-turn navigation features in the region. It’s not clear if Google has ever disabled these features during previous conflicts or wars.

Location data collected by mapping services often offer these sorts of unexpected insights.

Usually, this data has to be combined with other sources to provide reliable info.

“I think big data companies often don’t want to face squarely how useful their data can be,” OSINT investigator Lewis told Motherboard last week. “I mean, it’s cool when we do it, right? It’s maybe less cool if the Russians were able to do something similar to, you know, spotting an offensive from Ukrainians.”

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  1. That is what the Elites wanted ?

    They wanted Putin to invade Ukraine,and STAY IN UKRAINE – and then move on to Moldova..Finland ……

    Europeans had been lulled into, a utopia and complacency after WW2.

    It is shock therapy,and also the ultimate population eradication program !

    WW1 and WW2 went on, for many years !

    WW3 will be OVER, in a few months – and Billions will die – what COVID could not achieve !

    WW is a better option than Bio war – as,how a virus mutates and evolves, in humans and animals – is something,THAT EVEN THE CREATOR of the VIRUS,CANNOT BE SURE OF !


    Coz – because he wants Putin,to move in deeper into UKR,and then,be stuck in a quagmire !

    That is when the Guerilla attacks will start – IEDs, Booby traps,Drone attacks …

    That is when Biden will talk – when he THINKS,THAT HE HAS THE UPPER HAND !

    But there is no upper hand ! As Putin wants the quagmire ! He wants to send UKR to the stone age !

    The threat to Russia is DEMOCRACY – as that makes the target nation,drift to NATO and US – and also,CREATES PRESSURES,WITHIN RUSSIA !


    Unless Russian Oil and Gas is sanctioned – sanctions ate meaningless !

    All Russian Bank sanctions will fail as the payment gateway will be PBOC and its banks like CCB.Between China and Russia – settlement will be in Yuan/Roubles

    So PO is from Moscow and LC is opened from a CHINESE BANK – but need not be in China – AS IT BE FROM ITS BRANCH IN LONDON !

    US and EU cannot SANCTION Chinese banks !

    Same option for marine and hull insurance and reinsurance !

    By allowing Oil and Gas exports,NATO and EU is allowing Putin to stock up USD – before SWIFT – when Putin might take out Oil and Gas to EU !

    Which is what US wants – as it wants the NATO nations,to pay more,for the NATO umbrella ! dindooohindoo


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