The Global Partnership for Education has approved $100 million grant for Afghanistan in a bid to increase equitable access to basic education in the country, particularly for girls in provinces that lag behind.

“The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is stepping up its support for countries affected by conflict with three new grants approved by the Board of Directors for Afghanistan, Myanmar and South Sudan totaling US$209.4 million,” the organization said in a statement.

The new grants bring the total funding approved by GPE in 2018 to over US$430 million to improve children’s education in more than 40 developing countries and regions, many struggling with conflict and crisis, the organization said.

“Afghanistan will receive US$100 million over 5 years to increase equitable access to basic education, especially for girls in provinces that lag behind the rest of the country,” the statement said, adding that the funding will be used to build new schools and get more children into school and improve their learning through better trained teachers and a new curriculum.