A member of Ghor provincial council was killed in a shootout with the National Directorate of Security forces on Thursday, NDS said in a statement.

NDS’ special unit attempted to detain Bek, who was suspected of being involved in the assassination of both Bismillah Adil Aimaq, a local journalist, and Abdul Rahman Atshan deputy provincial council head of Ghor.

“Instead of surrendering, Ezatullah Bek responded by shooting at the forces involved in the operation,” he was killed when the NDS forces opened fire.

Local security officials told the media, that an NDS security member was also killed during the clashes.

According to reports, two of Bek’s bodyguards were also wounded, and that the clashes occurred on Thursday morning when NDS tried to arrest Bek.

On January 1st 2021, Head of Sada-e-Ghor Radio, Journalist, and civil society activist, Bismillah Adil Aimaq was killed in unknown gunmen attack in Feroz Koh city, the central part of Ghor province, local confirmed to media.

Mohammad Aref Abir, a spokesman to Ghor governor, said that Adil was killed in an attack by unknown armed men, in Feroz Koh, capital of the province.

Reporters Without Borders stated that 50 journalists were killed in the year 2020 across the world, much of them were killed in countries that are not at war.