The Ghazni city in southeastern Ghazni province came under mortar attack amid ongoing high level security meeting, the officials said.

The incident took place before noon time as the defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami, deputy interior minister, and some other senior officials had participated in a security meeting.

The deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense Gen. Mohammad Radmanish confirmed the incident and said a mortar round has landed away from the provincial government compound.

Gen. Radmanish further added that the attack has not inflicted casualties on the security personnel or civilians.

However, unconfirmed reports indicate that the mortar attack has left at least five people wounded, including security personnel.

The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban militants have not commented regarding incident so far.

The minister of defense and other senior security officials arrived in Ghazni province earlier today to review the security situation of the province.

Ghazni is among the relatively volatile provinces in southeastern parts of the country but the security situation of the province has sharply deteriorated during the recent months.