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Ghazanfar Bank, a full fledged licensed commercial Bank, commenced its operations in March 2009. The Share Holders of the Bank belongs to one of the leading business groups of Afghanistan. As a leading business house Ghazanfar Group is involved in various key businesses sectors as a front runner such as import and distribution of Petroleum/Gas and other various important industrial sectors. Ghazanfar Bank started off its operation from Kabul, Afghanistan and is offering key financial services both under conventional and Islamic Banking. The Bank has since opened up its Branches at various key locations such as Mazar Sharif, Hairatan, Kunduz, Pule- Khumri, Jalalabad, Herat besides opening another Branch at Kabul at Sarai Shahzada. In due course of time the Bank intends to expand its Branch Network in Kabul as well as at other key locations of the Country.

The Management Team of the Bank is comprised of highly experienced and qualified Bankers, Financial Experts, Accountants and Risk Managers with considerable expertise in all aspects of Banking. With the help of such a dynamic team the Bank is in a position to offer specialized skills in a traditional way in all related spheres such as counseling and advising on any financial matter, handling of foreign exchange transactions, handling of investments in a Depository Account, Islamic Banking transactions, Lending/Corporate Banking transactions, SME Lending transactions, Money Transfer transactions, Retail Banking transactions and International Trade related transactions. Recently a pension scheme was launched by the Bank under the nomenclature of Rahat-e-Zindagi. It is for the first time that such a scheme has been introduced in Afghanistan. The Ghazanfar Bank continues to expand the horizons of banking in the country.

  • To provide to our team members – loyalty, opportunities and rewards
  • To provide to our customers – Personalized service to meet their needs
  • To provide to our community – leadership, economic growth and philanthropy
  • To provide to our shareholders –financial gains and sustainability


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Address: Ghazanfar Bank,866/A Wazir Akbar Khan,Kabul, Afghanistan. (Direction)

Phone: +93 (0) 20-210 1111


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