President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s remarks about Timur Gurkni went viral in social media and sparked anger among Afghanistan’s Uzbeks.

Ghani recently delivered a speech to a group of Afghan students on History, Culture, and the National Identity where he taunted Timur Gurkani using the word ‘lame’ – Timur Lang (Persian) – which spread anger among the Turk and Uzbek tribes of Afghanistan.

“Alauddin Jahanzos destroyed Afghanistan’s central irrigation system, Genghis Khan demolished the irrigation system of the northern provinces and the ‘lame’ Timur – Timur-e-Lang wiped-out the irrigation system for Sistan, Farah, and Helmand provinces,” Ghani said.

Some elders and leaders of Uzbeks criticized Ghani and acknowledged the President’s remarks ‘offensive’.

The Palace in a statement said what President said about Timur Gurkani was not offensive and insulting.

The Junbesh party led by General Abdul Rashid Dostum in a statement said that President must ‘apologize’ for his remarks.

The party has also announced to declare their official stance over the President’s remarks about Timur Gurkani on Sunday.

Timur Gurkani or Amir Timur was one of the first Emperors of the Timur Dynasty ruled from 1370 to 1507.


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