Taliban on Friday said, that the main “hurdle for the peace process” is Ashraf Ghani’s government.

The deputy head of Taliban’s office in Qatar, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, who currently has led a delegation to Russia, stated that President Ghani has to resign for the ongoing negotiations to come to an agreement upon a new Islamic state.

Stanikzai indicated that he is ready to work with the new government, and negotiations underway will end the government of Ashraf Ghani and establish a new state.

He indicated that the Taliban has reached an agreement with the US on setting up a new Islamic government in the country, he blamed Republic’s government for creating barriers in the way of peace negotiations.

According to Stanikzai, the government officials are insincere in peace and they don’t have the intention to restore peace because if peace comes Ashraf Ghani would be terminated, therefore they create hurdles.

Stanikzai during the conference blamed the Afghan government for Targeted killings and the insecurity.

This comes as earlier in a leaked audiotape attributed to Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, a member of the republic’s negotiating team, has surfaced in the social media, in it Ahmadi indicated that the interim government is a must for bringing peace, he added that Ghani is not popular for the world and that he will not have a place in the interim government.

According to Ahmadi efforts are ongoing to save the system, not the government.

“Ghani will be the first, who will be sacrificed” Ahmadi added, Ghani has “no supporters in the world”.


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