President Mohamamd Ashraf visited the civilians who were wounded in a deadly attack on a mosque in Gardez city, the provincial capital of southeastern Paktia province.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said President Ghani visited the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Military Hospital in Kabul on Saturday evening to meet the civilians who were wounded in the attack on Khwajah Hasan Grand Mosque in Gardez city.

According to a statement released by ARG Palace, the doctors of Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Military Hospital shared information with President Ghani regarding the health condition of the wounded civilians.

President Ghani said he has spoken with the elders of Gardez city and families of the civilians killed in the attack and assured them that the government would take immediate steps to reconstruct the mosque.

The statement by ARG Palace further added that President Ghani instructed the doctors to use all efforts and facilities for the treatment of the wounded civilians.

The doctors of Sarda Mohamamd Daud Khan Military Hospital assured President Ghani that they will use all the available facilities to treat the wounded civilians.

The attack in Gardez city left at least 34 people dead and dozens more wounded as reports indicate the ISIS terrorist group has claimed responsibility behind the attack.