Afghan President Ashraf Ghani (right) and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan brief media on his “historic” visit to Kabul, Nov. 19, 2020.

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani urged Pakistan to “overcome distrust that has haunted” bilateral relationship, as both leaders met at Presidential Palace for the first time in their positions.

On Thursday morning, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan landed in Kabul in a bid to meet President Ashraf Ghani and other prominent leaders of the country on peace process and bilateral ties.

“Our common objective is to take a leap of faith to overcome the distrust that has haunted our relationship,” said Ghani in a statement.

“We have come to an understanding that a shared vision regarding cooperation is not only essential for relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but a harbinger of regional cooperation and connectivity,” he added.

Addressing the ongoing poverty that hit roughly 50 percent of the country, Ghani said the common interest and “focus” are what inspire both leaders to move together towards “poverty eradication” and “empowerment” of both countries’ citizen within the framework of the Islamic constitution.

Ghani reiterated that embracing a constructive and inclusive politics is the way to future, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the objective of his visit amidst escalation of violence in the country is to assure that people and government of Pakistan want peace in Afghanistan.

“My idea of choosing this time to come was to assure you that Pakistan will do everything, whatever is possible to help to reduce this violence and move toward ceasefire,” he said.

Khan exclaimed Pakistan is next to Afghanistan whose utmost interest is in peace and stability in the region, expressing hope that trade and connectivity will increase between the two countries.


  • Muhammad Arif Sheva holds a B.A degree in Journalism from Int'l Peace Leadership College Rizal, Philippines. Sheva works as an editor and content writer for Khaama Press.