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Ghani should not sign execution orders of terror convicts: Amnesty International

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Ghani call on Taliban to choose between war and peaceThe Amnesty International has urged President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani not to sign the execution orders of prisoners convicted of terror offences.

The appeal by Amnesty International comes as the Taliban group made a plea to international organizations to intervene and stop the Afghan government to implement death sentences.

In its latest release titled “Afghanistan: The death penalty is no solution to terrorism’ Amnesty International said ‘Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani should not sign execution orders.”

“By hastily seeking retribution for the horrific bombings that killed over 64 people in Kabul last month, the government of Afghanistan’s plans to execute those convicted of terror offences will neither bring the victims the justice they deserve, nor Afghanistan the security it needs,” said Jameen Kaur, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for South Asia.

“There is no evidence that the death penalty serves as a deterrent, and there are fears that it will only serve to perpetuate a cycle of violence without tackling any of the root causes.”

“The death penalty is a cruel and irreversible punishment. In a context where there are very serious questions about the fairness and transparency of the legal process, the use of torture by security forces to extract confessions, and the narrow window for appeal, there is a particular risk of mistakes being made that cannot be corrected.”

“Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all cases without exception, regardless of the nature or circumstances of the crime; guilt, innocence or other characteristics of the individual; or the method used by the state to carry out the execution.”

This comes as a spokesman for the Presidential Palace said last week that a list of militants convicted of terror offences has been forwarded to President Ghani.

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  1. Amnesty International is hypocrite for never condemning the Pakistani government, which is directly responsible for the real killing in Afghanistan. Pakistan is the political, financial, logistical and military supporter of Taliban and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan. This is a proven fact, because all Taliban leaders and Al Qaeda leaders are protected in Pakistani soil. If this fact is unknown by Amnesty International this proves that this organization is useless in their mission for promoting peace and justice in the world. If Amnesty international knows these facts, but for some political reasons avoids addressing it in that case the Amnesty international not only is useless, but also highly corrupt.
    The Pakistani government and the their proxy militia in Afghanistan are just in recent years responsible for killing of over 20,000 civilians including over $7500 women and over 2000 Children. This killing took place as direct results of bombing and other form of violent terrorist activities.
    Amnesty international pointing finger to the Afghans who are the victims of Pakistani terror. Why punishing the already convicted terrorist for death penalty for their proven crimes according to the laws of the country to dead penalty a bad idea.
    Should these terrorists be released to continue killing women and children in Afghanistan? Previously
    I agreed the dead penalty is not a good approach, but now I am thinking keep killing Afghans should stop by the Pakistani terrorists. The Amnesty Internal has no legitimacy at all by not condemning the real killers, which is Pakistani government, Pakistani Secret Service and the Pakistani army who are using Taliban is killing militia in Afghanistan!


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