Ghani on parliamentary electionPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said Tuesday that the government is prepared for the Parliamentary and Provincial Councils elections between summer and fall seasons of next year.

The Presidential Palace (ARG) said President Ghani shared the issue during separate meetings with the members of Special Electoral Reform Commission and the Selection Committee.

However, President Ghani said the exact date of the elections would be announced by the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan, emphasizing the Independent Election Commission is the only authorized body as per the law to ascertain the election dates.

President Ghani also added that the lawmakers both in the Lower House of the Parliament (Wolesi Jirga) and Upper House of the Parliament (Meshrano Jirga) will continue to serve until the elections are organized.

He said the decision was taken after consulting with various groups of people from different provinces of the country.

The meetings were also attended by Vice President Sarwar Danish and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah.

Meanwhile, the Special Electoral Reform Commission presented their reports and recommendations to President Ghani with the conclusion of their duty, the Palace said, adding that the Selection Committee was instructed to consider the recommendations of the Special Electoral Reform Commission in their performance.

President Ghani also insisted that the Selection Committee should act independently as per the law and must consider merit in their performance in a transparent way.