President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani strongly reacted at the leakage of documents from the presidential palace administrative office regarding the ethnic discrimination and removal of non-Pashtuns from the key posts in the palace.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said President Ghani strongly condemns discrimination, thinking, and actions among the people in government institutions.

The statement further added that President Ghani strictly prohibits discrimination among the people and attempts to harm the unity among the people of Afghanistan.

ARG Palace said President Ghani was saddened regarding the reports that emerged regarding the discriminatory acts involving an official of the administrative office of the president as he was in New York and was attending the UN general assembly.

President Ghani also instructed the Attorney General’s Office to launch a thorough investigation regarding the leakage of the report and those involved in ethnic discrimination in the administrative office, the statement added.

He said Afghanistan’s power, prosperity, and security depends on unity and equality among the different ethnic groups of the country.

The documents regarding the attempts to remove staff from the key positions in the presidential office leaked on the Telegram platform of the Palace earlier this week.

A detailed document assigned specific for the people of specific staff was also leaked and was widely shared on social media and media outlets, sparking an outrage among the people.