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Ghani orders NDS directors to use all available force against terrorists

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Ghani orders NDS to use all force against terroristsPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has ordered the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), specifically the National Directorate of Security (NDS) directors, to use all force against the terrorists fighting in the country.

During a meeting with a number of the provincial NDS directors, President Ghani said the government did its best to bring peace and stability through reconciliation process but the militants rejected the proposed talks and martyred the security personnel in Kabul attack last week.

Ghani ordered the NDS directors to take all steps necessary to narrow the field of activities of the terrorists, create fear in their hearts, close their movement routes, halt their finance sources and suppress their activities through air and ground raids.

He said the activities and efforts of the NDS operatives are vital as they are operating among the people and are well aware of the regions and have sufficient experience.

President Ghani reiterated that those who have murdered the civilians and members of the security forces will be executed in accordance with the verdict of the judiciary institutions.

He said the distinction between friends and enemies of Afghanistan has been ascertained, noting his speech to the Afghan parliament yesterday, insisting all those fighting the system of the country are enemies of Afghanistan.

President Ghani also added that the world stands with the Afghanistan today and respects its stance and are committed to long term economic and military support.

He hailed the Afghan National Security Forces, specifically the Special Operations Forces, emphasizing that they are capable to successfully carry out any type of operation in any corner of the country, calling them as a unique force in the region.

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  1. Hit Lahore, either today or tomorrow you will have to, fight fire with fire.  These Punjabi’s will never have their fill of Afghan blood.  They need and crave it like vampires.  

    • i believe these Pakistani Punjabis are lowly and inferior to Afghans..tame them like India did in 65,71 and 99. They do not understand any other language.

  2. What the heck, why all the NDS resources were not used already against the terrorists?

    Maybe the Afghan “Unity Government” has other priorities, namely the infighting for their personal ad ethnic interests. Otherwise they would be able to assign the most important post in Afghan government, which is the post of Ministry of Defence. The Afghan army and police still do not have the right leadership and the lack of communication and coordination and weak leadership leading to suffering for the brave soldiers and police in the battlefield. This post is still handled by a proxy, because Mr. Ghani and Abdullah have different ideas and priorities…


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