President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has ordered an immediate probe into the alleged distribution of National Identity Cards as the political parties claim that hundreds of thousands of such fake identity cards exist that could mar the outcome of the upcoming elections.

The Administrative Office of the President in a statement said a delegation led by the Attorney General’s Office has been tasked to investigate the circumstances surrounding the distribution of national identity cards from the year 1396 to 1397.

The statement further added that the delegation also comprises of the members from the Afghan intelligence, ministry of interior, Independent Election Commission, national statistics department and population registration department.

According to the Administrative Office of the President, the delegation has the responsibility to identify the officials who have issued fake identity cards and introduce them to the relevant judicial institutions.

The delegation has also been instructed to prepare a report in this regard and present it to the presidential palace, the statement added.

This comes as the Grand National Coalition recently shared thousands of documents, including National Identity Cards and stickers, which they claim are fake and could have a negative impact on the transparency of the elections.