Ashraf Ghani thanks protestersPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has instructed the selection committee which was formed to select new members for the election commissions of Afghanistan.

Deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazvi told reporters that the committee was instructed to start with the approval of the election law by the President.

Murtazvi further added that the leaders of the government organized a meeting in ARG Presidential Palace today to discuss the financial and security arrangements for the elections.

This comes as the former chief of the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani opposed with the formation of the selection committee before he submit his resignation.

Calling the formation of the selection committee as illegal, Nuristani said earlier in January this year Independent Election Commission is operating as per the law while the Electoral Reform Commission and the Selection Committee were formed based on a political agreement.

The formation of the Selection Committee was part of the agreement for the formation of the Government of National Unity.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah agreed to bring reforms in the election commission of Afghanistan with the formation of Government of National Unity.

The decision was taken following the controversial presidential election in 2014 which was marred by massive fraud allegations.

On the other hand, the parliamentary and district councils election is due to be organized next month as per the schedule announced by the Independent Election Commission.

However, the Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah’s office has said no elections would be organized until reforms are implemented in the elections commissions.