President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with the acting mayor of Kabul and the municipal district chiefs of the city to hold talks regarding the key issues the residents of the capital city are facing.

According to the Office of the President, ARG Palace, President Ghani has said that the Kabul Municipality should have a clear picture of the capital city, including the existing capacity and capabilities and limitations, to deal with the investment on better provision of services to the city residents, rehabilitation of the historic sites, green areas, and infrastructure.

He also added that municipal district chiefs should also have a clear picture regarding the general outlook of the city in their programs and must step up coordination among them.

A statement by ARG Palace stated that the meeting was organized on Wednesday evening to hold talks regarding the ways to improve the delivery of services to the residents of the city and rehabilitation of the historic Kabul city.

The statement further added that President Ghani also emphasized on better management of the water resource of the capital and asked the acting mayor to step up efforts to increase coordination with the residents of Kabul city.

He also added that the municipal district chiefs would be granted more authorities in the law of municipalities as he emphasized on further cooperation between the municipalities and the police institutions.

President Ghani said the mayors and municipal district chiefs should be accoutable before the people and should obtain more satisfaction of the people by implementing the reforms in their programs.