Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in his speech in Regional connectivity, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Uzbekistani capital Tashkent said Pakistan is acting opposite its commitment over being opposed to the military takeover of the Taliban.

Ghani said that the organizations who support the Taliban together with the Taliban celebrate the destruction of Assets of the Afghan people by the Taliban.

President Ghani who was talking right in front of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said, as per intelligence estimations, there has been an influx of 10 thousand Jihadi fighters who have crossed borders from Pakistan into Afghanistan to fight along with the Taliban.

Ghani asked Pakistan to use its influence and leverage over the Taliban and get them to sit at the negotiating table.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in his turn denied the allegations by President Ghani and added that Pakistan is the only country that is suffering the most from the turmoil going on in Afghanistan.

The last thing Pakistan wants is more conflict in Afghanistan, said Khan.

Imran Khan further added that short of military action against the Taliban and Pakistan, the country has done everything to get the Taliban on the dialogue table. He called it unfair to be blamed for what is going on in Afghanistan.

President Ghani in his speech accused the Taliban of breaching their commitments made in Doha to not attack major cities. He called on the Taliban to sit at the negotiating table to prevent Afghanistan enters an acute war like Iraq, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, and other countries.