President Mohammad Ashraf has called for nation’s unity to prevent the repeat of history, emphasizing that the nation should not remain a ‘hostage’ of the catastrophes which have taken place in the past.

He made the remarks while inaugurating the Kakar History Foundation during a ceremony which was organized later this afternoon.

In his speech during the ceremony to pay tribute to Dr. Hassan Kakar, Afghan historian, professor and author, and inauguration of Kakar History Foundation, President Ghani said the tyrants have spilled the blood of people in each and every corner of the country.

He urged the people of the country to unite in order to successfully go through the existing difficult times and prevent the repeat of history.

According to President Ghani, empathy would create hope among the people for a better future, insisting that all citizens of the country share a common pain.

Kakar, Mohammad Hassan was born in 1928 in Diwa, Laghman, Afghanistan. He had obtained his Bachelors degree from Kabul (Afghanistan) University in 1957 and Masters of Philosophy from London University in 1968.

He had also obtaied Doctor of Philosophy from London University in 1975 and was visiting fellow Center Middle Eastern Studies in the University of Princeton, 1971-1973, visiting fellow Center Middle Eastern Studies of the University of Harvard, 1973-1976.

He was also arrested by the then regime of Kabul in 1982 for his opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and was declared a ‘prisoner of conscience’ by the London-based human rights organization Amnesty International.

Prof. Kakar has also written several books, including ‘A Political and Diplomatic History of Afghanistan 1863-1901, Brill publishing House, The Netherlands, 2006 (English)’.