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Ghani hails Afghan special forces for thwarting imposed war on the nation


afghan special forcesPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani hailed the Special Operations Forces of the Afghan National Army for their bravery and devotion in persistently thwarting the imposed war on the nation.

In his speech to the service members of the Special Operations Forces, President Ghani said he is proud of the services of the special forces, specifically the female service members serving with the armed forces.

Emphasizing on continued support by the government and nation towards the Afghan defense forces, President Ghani said the enemies of the country are aware that the Afghan forces stand firm with Islamic beliefs and national commitment which has sparked fear in the hearts of the enemies of the nation.

He promised to strictly overview the treatment of the injured service members and assist the families of the fallen soldiers, insisting that the service members are entitled to have access to better treatment, good food and proper facilities as they are serving the nation in a difficult situation as some youths are abandoning the country.

President Ghani further added that the Afghan forces are fighting to ensure peace and stability in the region as well as the global security as the terrorist groups are posing threat to the region and the world.

According to President Ghani, the current year is a year of mobility, initiative and action, and the ministry of defense has been instructed to support and wisely use the power of the special forces in suppressing the anti-government armed militants.

He said the Afghan nation supports peace but the enemies of Afghanistan are burning mosques, killing the Afghan people and disrupt the security of the country.

Concluding his speech to the special forces of the Afghan army, President Ghani called on the defense forces to take initiatives and prevent the enemy forces to operate while eliminating them from the holy land of Afghanistan.



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