President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani delivered the message of regional cooperation during the inauguration ceremony of the TAPI gas pipeline works in Afghanistan.

A ceremony was organized for the inauguration of the TAPI gas pipeline works in Herat province and was attended by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Turkmenistan’s President, and India’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs.

In his speech during the ceremony, President Ghani said the message of the Afghan government and nation is the message of regional cooperation.

President Ghani further added that the residents of Kandahar and Helmand in the South and Nimroz and Herat in the West have vowed to assist the Afghan forces in a bid to help the works of the project to be completed on time.

According to President Ghani, other projects including electricity, fiber optics, and railway network projects will also be implemented alongside the TAPI gas pipeline.

He insisted that the Afghan nation no more looks in the past but are keen to have a brighter future.

President Ghani also added that Herat province will remain the main roundabout between the Central and South Asia but insisted that the other provinces in the South and West will benefit from the projects.