Fighting in Afghanistan has continued with heavy casualties since Monday and Amid calls for observance of cease-fire in Muslims’ fasting month of holy Ramadan, Xinhua reported.

In the recent reports of violent incidents, the Taliban militants attacked a security base in Dahna-e-Ghori district of northern Baghlan province on Tuesday, killing six security personnel and injuring nine others, district governor Qasim Khan told media.

Nearly a dozen militants were also reported to be killed and wounded in the firefight that lasted for six hours.

In another Taliban attack in Balkh’s Chantal district, five Afghan national army members and seven militants were killed and six others including two soldiers and four insurgents sustained injuries in the fighting at the starting of Ramadan. 

Moreover, Militants executed three captured soldiers in Ziba district of northern Badakhshan province on Tuesday morning, provincial government spokesman Nik Mohammad Nazari said.

Two militants, according to an army statement, were killed in eastern Wardak province on Monday.

The continuous exchange of fire between government forces and Taliban militants during Ramadan provoked calls for observance of a cease-fire during the fasting month.

The Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday told reporters, He repeatedly called on the Taliban to stop fighting, ceasefire, and prevent any attacks that cause military and civilian casualties during the Ramadan month.

Ashraf Ghani also called on the militant groups to maintain and respect ceasefire during the month of Ramadan. “Once again, I am calling on the Taliban to stop fighting, enmity, and observe permanent ceasefire which is the demand of the people of Afghanistan,” Ghani said in his message while marking the start of the Ramadan month.