President Ghani at the first meeting of the High Youth Council said Sunday, that the Afghan youth must think of ways that could lead to solving problems in Afghanistan.

The new High Youth council is established to submit specific proposals for each ministry and government department on how to solve problems, according to ATN news (Ariana Television Network).

“Every young person must decide which problem they can solve in Afghanistan, and in each section the youths must have specific plans,” ATN news quoted Ashraf Ghani

“The Youth Council should have a regular agenda and maintain national unity,” President Ghani added.

Ghani also said that the country’s main goal is a process of nationalization.

According to ATN news Ashraf Ghani stressed that the main goal of Afghanistan is the process of nationalization, he added pointing to the Afghan youth, “you must fight against anyone who commits prejudice and corruption and harms national unity,”.

Pointing to government resources not being properly used Ghani said, “At least 50% of the country’s income is being stolen,”.

He added that Afghan people are deprived of their basic rights including living in peace, President Ghani told the youth present “for 42 years, the people of Afghanistan, as a whole, have been deprived of their most basic collective right, which is the right to peace, stability, and order”, ATN news quoted.

Currently Afghan people “have to decide for themselves about the future system”, President Ghani noted.

Recently government turned its focus on building the economic and infrastructure sectors.

Ghani said that if Afghanistan’s position is properly managed, more revenue will be generated from its mines.

It is said that the government has recently turned its aims to build the country’s economics and infrastructure and according to Ghani if the position of Afghanistan is properly managed additional profits can be generated from its mines.

ATN news quoted President Ghani saying “the biggest asset in Afghanistan is the location of this country, if the position of Afghanistan is properly managed, more revenue will be earned from its mines because Afghanistan is located in the heart of Asia,”.

Based on the geographic structure of Afghanistan, the country is located in hear of Asia .

Meanwhile,  Tajikistan will host the 9th session of the Heart of Asia-Istanbul process summit in Dushanbe the capital of the country on Monday.

Representatives and foreign ministers of 50 countries are expected to join the summit and discuss ways to strengthen regional consensus for peace and progress in Afghanistan.

HoA-IP was established in 2011 in Turkey to address the shared interests and problems of Afghanistan and its regional partners and neighbors.

There are 15 participating countries, 17 supporting countries, and 12 supporting regional and international organizations in HoA-IP.

This comes as Abdullah Abdullah head of the High Council for National Reconciliation in an interview told France 24 that the Taliban have not observed their commitment but he hoped all sides would take advantage of the opportunity provided in the Turkey summit and will result in a prolonged ceasefire.

“My hope is, my desire is, that we make maximum use of every opportunity which is there. Turkey will be a unique opportunity after quite a while, but it depends on both sides. I cannot call all the shots,” Abdullah Abdullah added, “as far as our delegation which will participate … they will go with the firm resolve to contribute to the success of that process so the Turkey meeting will be considered a big step forward,” Abdullah said in the interview.

“We have not rejected the idea of power-sharing arrangement. We are ready to talk about it. And the next proposal, whether it is acceptable to the Taliban or not, of course, that remains to be seen. And if Taliban agree for early elections, we’re ready for that,” Abdullah indicated.


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