President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the Chief Executive of the Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah met with the former Jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf to hold talks on key national issues.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said the leaders of the unity government visited the residence of Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf in Paghman district earlier today.

The statement further added that President and Chief Executive Abdullah were invited by Ustad Sayaf for the breakfast.

According to ARG Palace, the unity government leaders and Ustad Sayaf held talks on key national issues, including recent political and and security developments.

The statement did not elaborate further regarding the main topics discussed during the meeting but this comes as efforts are underway for the revival of an Afghan-led peace process with the Taliban group.

Sayaf is among the prominent Mujahideen leaders and former lawmaker representing Kabul in the Lower House of the parliament.

He has previously criticized the Taliban group as well as the government in some stances for its policies.

But the latest meeting takes place days after Ustad Sayaf said some prominent figures and the Grand National Coalition has decided to appoint a delegation for the talks with the Taliban group.