Germany has announced that it will dispatch ambassador-designate Marcus Potzel followed by a dispatch of diplomats to Afghanistan in the coming weeks.

German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported on Saturday, November 6 that Marcus Potzel is tasked to update relations with the Taliban.

Germany is now the first European country that is willing to send its diplomats to Afghanistan after the EU announced the reopening of their diplomatic office in Kabul.

The country intends to reassess its relations with the Taliban in order to continue better communications with the de-facto authorities in Afghanistan.

The newspaper has furthered that Berlin is also hopeful to return diplomats to Afghanistan, initially on day trips.

In the meantime, the federal prosecutor general is also examining the extent to which members of the Taliban can be investigated for their role in a terrorist organization if they are considered a state power.

Germany is currently seeking relations with the Taliban in order to provide the people of Afghanistan with humanitarian aids.

The Taliban have been welcoming foreign aids to Afghanistan though, acknowledged that they will only accept non-conditional aids.