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German political parties urge suspension of Afghan citizens’ acceptance program


The Christian Democratic Union of Germany and the Christian Social Union of Bavaria, the largest opposition parties in the Federal Parliament of Germany, have called for a halt to accepting Afghan refugees into the country.

According to reports, this proposal has reached the French news agency. It is set to be presented in the Federal Parliament of Germany on Friday to reduce immigration.

The proposal suggests that the refugee acceptance program for other Afghans should be stopped except for those who have worked with Germans.

Last year, the Afghan refugee acceptance program was announced to transfer 1,000 people monthly. However, according to the government’s response to the parliamentary faction of the Left Party, it has yet to be transferred to Germany.

Meanwhile, Germany has accepted the highest number of Afghan migrants among the European Union member countries.

Previously, members of the Free Democrats of Germany, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, and the Christian Social Union of Bavaria in the country’s parliament had also called for the expulsion of Afghan refugees.

Earlier this week, the Australian government officially rejected asylum to 50,000 Afghan citizens who sought humanitarian visas following the resurgence of the Taliban regime in August 2021.

In its latest report on Tuesday, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) revealed that out of 208,000 asylum requests made by Afghan citizens since the start of 2021, approximately 50,000 applicants have been rejected by the Australian government.

After the fall of Kabul in August 2021, approximately 208,000 Afghans sought humanitarian and refugee visas in Australia.

Regrettably, Australia has denied over 50,000 visa applications based on humanitarian grounds, while 144,000 applications remain pending.



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