A German aid worker who was abducted from Kabul city has been released after two months in captivity, it has been reported.

Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, citing the country’s Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, confirmed on Saturday that the aid worker was released.

Steinmeier confirmed the release of the hostage during a visit to Tehran, saying “She was doing considering the circumstances.”

There are no reports regarding the circumstance surrounding the release of the abducted air worker.

The aid worker was abducted from place in Qala-e-Fatullah area in the 10th police district of the city on 17th August amidst deteriorating security situation in the capital.

According to reports, the aid worker was working for Germany’s aid agency GIZ and two armed men stopped her car and pulled her out by force.

GIZ spokesperson Tanja Gönner told DPA news agency on Saturday “We are very relieved and happy that our employee is free again.”