General Scott Millar giving medal to General Abdul Rashid Dostum

General Scott Millar, the commander of US and Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, together with Assadullah Khalid, the acting Defense Minister of Afghanistan travelled to the northern Jawzjan province on Monday to meet Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, the first deputy of National Unity Government and the head of Junbish political party and have discussed the security and election issues, sources confirmed.

Controversial statements about this visit have been reported by the news wire services and some political experts believe the government had specific messages to Gen. Dostum through this security delegation.

Assadullah Khalid had a message from the government to General Abdul Rashid Dostum saying to help in stopping the demonstrations and to reopening IEC offices in the northern provinces, a source told Khaama Press.

Bashir Ahmad Tayanj, the ex-parliamentarian speaking with Khaama Press confirmed that election issues have been discussed at the margin of the meeting.

“The main purpose of this visit was to discuss the security issues of northern provinces, however, the elections issues have also been discussed at the margin, Tayanj told Khaama Press.

Gen. Scott Millar and Assadullah Khalid met General Abdul Rashid Dostum in northern Jawzjan province – December 2, 2019

The VOA had earlier reported that Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum has called on the IEC and has emphasized to announce the election results at the earliest, which was later rejected by Enayatullah Babur Farahmand, the first VP candidate for the ‘Stability and Convergence’ electoral team.

Sonny Legget, the military spokesperson for the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan said in a statement that on Monday’s visit to Shebergan, General Millar, General Dostum and Assadullah Khalid have discussed military operations, security and ANDSF coordinations.

During this meeting, the US and NATO’s commander has also given a medal to General Dostum, recognizing Dostum’s key role in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.


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