First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum has admitted that the 2019 presidential elections will likely be organized with several months delay as unveiled Junbish Millie Party’s main demand to support a specific candidate during the upcoming elections.

In his speech during a gathering which was organized on Friday after the release of commander Nizamuddin Qaisari, Gen. Dostum said he will support any candidate who would consider the post for the First Vice President from Turkmen tribe.

Gen. Dostum further added that he and his party is engaged in talks with various individuals who will likely nominate themselves and run for the presidency in 2019 elections.

This comes as the Independent Election Commission officials had earlier said that the presidential elections would be organized on 20th of April 2019.

However, latest reports indicate that the elections which were originally scheduled for 20th April of 2019, will likely be organized with a difference of three months delay.