The First Vice President of Afghanistan and the leader of Junbish Milli Abdul Rashid Dostum has shared his recommendations regarding the reconciliation process with the Taliban group, recommending that the peace efforts with the Taliban should be taken forward from a position of strength.

“Reconciliation with the Taliban should be handled from the position of strength, and not from the position of appeasement and weakness,” he told the Fox News during an exclusive interview.

Gen. Dostum further added “We can reach a peaceful settlement with Taliban, if we are determined to win the war.”

“So by softening the tone asking Taliban for reconciliation, we failed. And neither will it work in the future. The reconciliation policy must be from the position of strength and not weakness,” he added.

In regards to the ongoing US campaign against the terror groups as part of the new US strategy, Gen. Dostum said “We warmly welcome President Trump’s strategy, which shows U.S. sustainable commitment for a stable Afghanistan.”

However, he said “But the presence of large numbers of U.S. troops on the ground and air strikes will not help to achieve the goals, unless the U.S. engages with our local population who are willing and effective to fight terrorism on the ground.”