Gen. Dostum returns to northThe First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum on Tuesday returned to north of Afghanistan amid deteriorating security situation.

Gen. Dostum returned to capital Kabul after leading military operations in northern parts of the country but the situation further deteriorated soon after his return which led to fall of the strategic Kunduz city, a month after he concluded operations in Faryab and parts of Sar-e-Pul province.

His visit comes as Ghormach district in northern Faryab province fell to Taliban control.

Gen. Dostum appeared in a press conference shortly after arriving in Shebarghan, the capital city of northern Jawzjan province.

He told reporters that immediate actions would be taken in a bid to eliminate concerns of Ghormach district and Kunduz province.

Sources close to Gen. Dostum said he will initially visit Ghormach district to supervise operations against Taliban militants and will visit Kunduz if it was required.

Gen. Dostum joined the Afghan security forces in the frontline in northern Faryab province earlier in the month of August where he survived at least two assassination plots by the anti-government armed militant groups while he was leading counter-terrorism operations.

Initially his convoy was ambushed by the Taliban in militants in Qaisar district in mid August while another plot to assassinate him was thwarted by the security forces and his special security guards few days later.

At least three suicide bombers were arrested from the vicinity of Gen. Dostum’s residence in Qaisar district in connection to the attack plot.


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