The Indian police officials have confirmed that a fugitive Afghan drugs smuggler has been arrested 17 months on the run, the local media outlets reported Monday.

The 51-year-old drugs smuggler, Ahmad Jawid, was arrested by police in 2014 and heroin worht 160 million Indian Rupees were confiscated.

Jawid disappeared from a hospital in which he was undergoing treatment on 30th of September 2017, the Times of India reported citing Indian police officials.

The reported further adds that Jawid was arrested after a manhunt was launched following his disappearance which lasted for 17 months.

Jawid ws an associated of an international arms dealer named Ghafoor, who also dabbled in cross-border narcotics smuggling, the paper reported, adding that as per Indian intelligence, Ghafoor owned a weapon manufacturing unit i Pakistan.

Jawid had been smuggling heroin to Indian Ghafoor’s instructions vi Kabul-Delhi flight route.


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