April 01, 2018

Freedom of Taliban to boost insurgency in Afghanistan

By Jawed Rostapoor - Sat Jan 05 2013, 8:42 pm

Taliban militants freedomThere have been mixed reactions towards the freedom of the Taliban militants from the Bagram prison and other jails in Afghanistan however observers believe that the freedom of the insurgents will not have any positive impact on peace process unless the demands of the Taliban group and their supporters in Pakistan have not been fulfilled.

The freedom of the Taliban militants have also been criticized since their freedom will not only help the Afghan peace negotiations but on the other hand will compromise with the sacrifices of the innocent Afghans who become victim of terrorism in the country on daily basis.

In the meantime there are also optimisms regarding the freedom of the Taliban militants from Bagram prison, Pul-e-Charkhi prison, Uruzgan and Zabul province jails, and the officials are kee that their freedom will encourage militants to sit-in for peace talks with the Afghan government.

Around 400 Taliban prisoners who were arrested in connection to insurgency activities were freed from the jails after their cases were reviewed.

However there are concerns that the revision of the Taliban militants cases was not formally broadcasted or presented to Afghan people which sparks worries that the prisoners have been freed following a political agreement.

This comes as a number of the Taliban militants and suicide bombers arrested by Afghan security forces and intelligence were freed by the Afghan government in the past which led to Afghan security forces being discouraged from their duties.

According to reports majority of the prisoners who were freed from the Bagram prison were arrested in battlefield who were fighting coalition and Afghan security forces, and the detained prisoners were supposed to be tried for their crimes other than being freed from the jails.

The freedom of the militants by the government with the revision of their legal cases not being broadcasted by any media or government agency creates question regarding the cooperation and compromise of the government with militants groups.

In the meantime Bagram and Pul-e-Charkhi prison officials are saying that the freedom process of the militants will continue and those suspected militants will be freed unless a satisfactory evidence regarding their insurgency activities have not been presented.

Militants freedom from the Afghan jails is followed by recent prisons transfer to Afghan security forces from the NATO-led coalition forces, and according to reports over 3500 militants are being kept in these prisons.

Concerns are also growing regarding the unconditional freedom of the detained militants from the jails and observers believe that their freedom will soon boost the operational activity of the Taliban group and will increase their attacks on Afghan security forces across the country.

Freedom of the militants from the jails according to the observers does not only help Afghan peace talks but also reflects the weakness of the government since Taliban group has so far not only shown a positive sign towards peace talks but has repeatedly emphasized on not recognizing the Afghan government.

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