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Freedom of speech curtailed under Taliban’s control?

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Ever since the Taliban grabbed control over Afghanistan, media and freedom of speech are the only sectors that seem to be in danger and have been curtailed.

Though the Taliban officials have repeatedly said that there won’t be any problem and limitations on journalists, the latter are still imposed limitations upon.

Reporters and cameramen from different TV channels in Kabul complain about the behavior of the Taliban fighters in Kabul city and say that they are not allowed to cover an incident or talk to people.

In recent incidents, reporters from Shamshad TV and Tolo TV were not allowed to cover their respective stories last week and their equipment was taken by the Taliban.

Afghanistan Islamic Emirate acknowledges the incidents and says that their fighters are new to Kabul city and they are not familiar with the nature of the work of journalists.

Secretary of acting minister of culture and information Bilal Karimi said that they have not curtailed freedom of speech and have not imposed limitations on journalists. He added that the ministry has prepared permission letters that will be given to journalists so that they cover their stories freely and do not be restricted.

Karimi said that they are committed to freedom of speech but the freedom will be under their rules and laws.

The incidents come as tens of journalists and media workers left Afghanistan and tens of others are waiting to fly out.

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