Farkhunda Zahra NaderiThe controversial presidential election put Afghanistan on the brink of a civil war as the country is going through a sensitive period of political and security transition.

Massive fraud allegations specifically in the runoff presidential election and suggestion of a parallel government further deepened the political crisis in Afghanistan with the conservative political leaders preferring the use of blood color instead of finger color for a peaceful and democratic political transition.

Afghan politician and Member of Parliament, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, strongly criticized the pretext of fraud allegations as a tool to take the electoral institutions hostage.

Speaking during a NATO side event conference in London hosted by Royal United Service Institute (RUSI), Miss Naderi said the commitment and sacrifices of the Afghan people were compromised despite they defied the threats and went in millions to vote for change.

Other speakers at this conference were high level officials including the British Secretary of Defense Michael Fallon, British Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Sir Nichaolas Houghton, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Sir Adrian Bradshaw, Romanian foreign minister Titus Corlatean, Rory Stewart OBE MP, Chair, House of Commons Defence Select Committee and officials from United Kingdom’s House of Common and House of Law.

“Before the election taking place, we were campaigning and lobbying in different parts to say that we need in 2014 the election of Afghanistan. We came to the point that people inside and I am sure that people outside the country thought that there is not going to be an election because the politicians wanted to divide the power among themselves by always going to the international community to show the sensitivity part of security and saying this is impossible to have election because it is so threatening to the whole nation,” Miss Naderi said.

According to Miss Naderi, 2014 for Afghan nation was the end of world, it was painted that dark for everyone but darkness took people to the point that they had to decide between living and dying.

She said “When you go through three decades of war then you are able and you do have the capability to take the tough decision. So, on election day Afghan nation regardless of all those threat they lined in a way that not only surprised the nation but also surprised the whole world that in that line the people with cost of their lives went to vote.”

But, she said that beautiful gesture of the Afghan nation was unfortunately forgotten soon by our politician.

“It came to the point that who is going to be the winner and who is going to be the loser and that was the time when everything was painted again with a different image and that is fraud,” Miss Naderi added.

“Why fraud was dominating everything in Afghanistan? In a country that transfer of power was always done by the color of blood not by the color of finger and all of a sudden everyone gets perfectionist to the level that they will not accept anything if there is going to be irregularity,” she said.

Miss Naderi insisted that when we talk about the fraud in a country like Afghanistan, the leaders of the nation has the responsibility to go and fight ageist the fraud and make the institution strong in order that it can be a good filter of power not only for these two candidates but for the future of Afghanistan because “when we talk about institution and democracy we are not talking particularly about one particular period of election or government, we are talking about future of the country.”

“So, the independent election commission of Afghanistan is not determining the future of the two candidates winning or losing situation but the whole future of Afghanistan. So, when there was fraud we had to fight to ensure that the fraud is going to go through audit but instead of doing that what happened they kidnapped the institutions because the number of votes difference was so high that you could not by changing one thousand or let’s say one hundred thousand you could change the winner to the loser or lose to the winner,” she said.

According to Miss Naderi, the principles of democracy were used or misused to go and fight against the institution to kill election forever. “Fraud should not be an excuse to destroy an institution forever. Fraud should show the level of responsibility that how much work should be done in order to show that we can have an healthy democracy in Afghanistan,” she said.

Miss Naderi hailed the international community’s interference, specifically US Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts for building a framework to resolve the deadlock. However, she insisted that the Afghan leaders were supposed to have the capability to resolve the issue and work for the betterment of the country.

She said the hundred audit process was agreed in a bid to prevent any further suspicion in the audit and recount process and ensure legitimacy of the election. However, she said that the international community should distinguish between the political process and technical process of the audit.

Miss Naderi affirmed that the technical side of the audit should be conducted by the international community but only Afghans should be involved in the political process since the leaders of Afghanistan should learn to take responsibility of the nation.

According to Miss Naderi, the democratic and election process would come under question if the political process is used as a pretext to gain power. “The leaders of Afghanistan should learn to take the responsibility of the nation rather than making the political process as a condition that if what I am trying to get, what I am demanding to get as a power is given to me then I am allowing the audit to move forward but if you are not going to give me what I am demanding then I am not allowing the audit to take place.”

“So, if the powerful people of the land wanted to sit in closed door and share Afghanistan among themselves, why people went to vote?” she asked.