A spokesperson of the French Foreign Ministry on Friday, December 3 said that the country has carried out an evacuation mission in Afghanistan taking 258 Afghans, 11 French nationals, some 60 Dutch people, and an unspecified number of people liked to them out of the country.

The evacuation flight was organized with the help of Qatar.

The evacuees included Afghans who were at risks such as journalists and the Afghans who were once employed with the French army in Afghanistan.

French Foreign Ministry in a statement said that this was the tenth evacuation flight since September 10 this year that bringing the total number of evacuees to 396 Afghans and 110 French nationals.

All the flights were conducted with the help of Qatar.

In the meantime, France and Qatar jointly operated a humanitarian mission on Thursday, delivering medical equipment, food, and winter supplies to international organizations operating in Afghanistan.

The supplies were delivered with a Qatari military plane.

Qatar has been one of the key countries for European and Western countries since the start of evacuation that played the role of third-country to Afghans leaving their country.