Rahmatullah Nabil, the former head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), has released the names and photos of those he claimed are carrying out targeted killings across Kabul.

These individuals are directly facilitated and instructed by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence.

Nabil posted the names and pictures of the three men in several tweets, saying these individuals are directly supported by Pakistan’s intelligence agency (ISI) and are involved in the targeted attacks and killings of innocent people in Afghanistan.

“I have repeatedly said, based on credible and well-documented information, that some of the attacks in Kabul are carried out by small terrorist groups under the direct guidance of Pakistani intelligence”, Nabil said.

“Obviously, the Taliban cannot take a stand on this, because they are not independent and Pakistan has taken them hostage” besides, “the Taliban knows very well which groups are shedding the blood of innocent and defenseless Afghans under the direct guidance of Pakistani intelligence” and out of fear of ISI they cannot hold their ground against such atrocities.

Rahmatullah Nabil also said that the government has imposed information sanctions on him and does not want him to share such information.

According to Nabil, he has chosen media platforms to share such information with the security and defense forces.

“The man, Haji Ahmad Shah, has close ties to the ISI and Pakistan’s military intelligence (MI), with the support of Pakistani intelligence he has carried out many attacks in Kabul and other provinces”, Nabil said.

He provides logistical and equipment support to the Taliban’s Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Taiba in Afghanistan under the direction of Pakistani intelligence and also paves the path for terrorist activities to be conducted, Nabil hinted.

“Haji Ahmad Shah also travels to Kabul and has close contacts with some people who are actively involved in the current attacks in Kabul”, Nabil added.

“The second man, Qari Jawad, is directly being supported and funded by the ISI”, he also is responsible for leading at least 500 militants in the region.

“Qari Jawad is active in Logar and Kabul districts, he is directly involved in the recent Kabul attacks”.

The third person is Saifullah Mujahid Haqqani, who is responsible for training suicide bombers and making IEDs and bombs, Nabil indicated.

He said Saifullah has ‘considerable experience’ in this field and in terrorist activities.

“Saifullah Mujahid Haqqani is directly involved in highway bombings and targeted killings, which he directs and implements under the instructions of Pakistani intelligence (ISI)”.

This comes as Targeted killings and Magnetic IED blasts escalated across Afghanistan and no group or individual claims the responsibility for any type of atrocities and murders or terrorist acts.

Nabil by criticizing the government said that all of the terrorist activities are conducted through Taliban with the direct support of Pakistani intelligence, and that the government has “failed to detain” the perpetrators.


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