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Former female Afghan minister talks about ‘sexual assaults’ and ‘corruption’ in the Palace

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Six months after the collapse of the Afghan government chaired by the former president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a former female minister of his time unveiled several cases of ‘sexual assaults’ and ‘corruptions’ in the Presidential palace.

Nargis Nehan, a former female Afghan cabinet member claimed she has been noticing several cases of corruption and sexual assaults while working for the government of Afghanistan since 2008.

Nargis Nehan, Former Afghan Minister of Mines and Petroleum who was speaking in a Twitter space on Sunday said she has noticed multiple cases of corruption and sexual assaults at the very top levels within the Afghan cabinet members and the Presidential Palace.

According to Nehan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the former Afghan President had been aware of what was happening around him.

Nargis Nehan named Shaad Mohammad Sargand, Humayoun Qayomi, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, and Elham Omar Hotaki as the corrupt officials she knew about.

“Shaad Mohammad Sargand, an advisor to President Ghani who was very closed to President, also used to be his class fellow in the past, was forcing a young Shia girl to enter into a concubine’s marriage with him”, Nargis Nehan said.

Shaad Mohammad Sargand had falsely reported to President Ghani about the girl blaming her for being Iran’s secret agent in the Afghanistan government after she had refused his proposal, Nargis added.

After her dismissal proposal was signed by the President, the girl came to my office seeking help as she needed the job and also didn’t want to be sacked with bad employment history, Nargis added.

I reported the case to the first lady with the help of whom we could stop the girl’s dismissal and transferred her to another department in order to stay away from the eyes of Shaad Mohamamd Sargand, Nehan said.

Nargis Nehan spoke about another scenario when she along with 45 other high ranking female government officials including cabinet members and deputy ministers had gone to see President Ghani complain about the ‘sexual assaults’ in the Presidential palace, but the President had ignored to investigate and take action after he heard from the group.

Nargis also revealed about the corruption cases by the National Procurement Authority, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and the senior advisor to President, Dr. Humayoon Qayoumi.

She also claimed that the international community including the World Bank and different UN agencies in Afghanistan were highly involved in corruption.

This comes as Dr. Fazl Mahmood Fazly, the head of the Administrative Office of the President (AOP) despite being widely accused of hiring girls for sexual pleasures in the government was never investigated.

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