January 18, 2018

Former Afghan senator join Taliban group in northern Afghanistan

By Ghanizada - Thu Sep 19 2013, 2:41 pm

Afghan senator join Taliban groupAccording to reports, a former Afghan senator has joined Taliban group in northern Sar-e-Pul province of Afghanistan and has announced his support to Taliban group.

Qazi Abdulhai reportedly joined Taliban group along with a number of his supporters. He was also a former commander of Afghan local police (ALP) forces in Kohistanat area.

Taliban grouop following a statement confirmed that senator Qazi Abdulhai had recently joined Taliban group along with his supporters.

An interview of the former senator was also published by Taliban group in it’s website, which confirms his defection to Taliban group.

The interview is mainly focused on motives behind Qazi Abdulhai’s defect to Taliban group and the current situation in northern Sar-e-Pul province of Afghanistan.

Local government officials confirmed that the former senator was in contact with the Taliban group, however, they said that they are unaware if Qazi Abdulhai had joined Taliban grouop.

The officials further added that Qazi Abdulhai also visited the Taliban council in Quetta city.

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  1. Because  Nato forces are pulling out ,party is over and there is no money so should he stay ,its as simple as that , and I am not  surprised if the rest go too,its good let them go because they didn’t do anything good for the country anyways while in power. 

  2. Typographical Error :

    When referring to Afghan folk or nation: Use Afghan 
    When referring to Afghan money (currency unit): use afghani 

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