The former Afghan intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil has confirmed that the members of his electoral team will not participate in upcoming Consultative Peace Jirga (Assembly of tribal elders).

According to a statement released by electoral team of Mr. Nabil, the leadership of the team tasked with the preparations and convening of the consultative Jirga is comprised of individuals from a particular electoral team which lacks legitimacy and acceptance on national level.

Calling the agenda of the Jirga or gathering as vague and non-transparent, the electoral team of Mr. Nabil has expressed concerns that the political parties, movements, and civil society organizations have been sidelined from the process of ongoing preparations convene the consultative Jirga, while a specific circle has been tasked to make major decisions regarding the convening of the Jirga.

The electoral team of Mr. Nabil has also criticized the government for allocating 5 million US Dollars from national budget for the Jirga, lack of logical mechanism to appoint members of the Jirga, and its attempts to misuse the name of Jirga for election purposes.

The statement also added that the government has never accepted the legitimate demands of the people and political movements therefore the decisions of the Jirgas will never have executive guarantees.

This comes as the electoral teams of Abdullah Abdullah and Mohammad Haneef Atmar had earlier announced that the members of their teams will not participate in Consultative Peace Jirga.


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